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Reputation Tells Everything
Yunpian has become a pacemaker in international SMS, voice and other fields of domestic China with a monthly SMS volume of over 1 billion and annual sales volume of over 0.1 billion. Underpinned by stable and reliable technologies, it is able to render customer services, provide technical support and resolve customer issues as soon as possible, winning appreciation from customers.
Customer First
Qipeng advocates the enterprise culture of integrity, progress, cooperation, innovation, simpleness and rapidness and upholds the operation principle of customer first and people foremost. Since its establishment, Qipeng has developed and launched a member marketing platform (CRM), a wireless marketing application platform (Meidian), a cloud communication service platform (Yunpian) and an product for Internet of Things (SIMBOSS), serving over 200,000 Internet companies in total.
Be Respectable
Hangzhou Yunpian Network Technology Co., Ltd. established and launched Yunpian services in 2013, invested by Zhejiang Qipeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. launched Yunpian services officially in 2013. With its founders from BAT and other companies, the Company is a young and vigorous startup team boasting about 90 employees. It aims to integrate business, science, technology and design, thereby making work simple and happy and building itself as a respectable service provider.





没有等级 没有监工

都是自己的 Leader

Hangzhou headquarters
10F, Building 1, Internet Innovation Park, No. 176 Zixia Street, Xihu District, Hangzhou
Shanghai office
2F, Building 77, innospaces+, Zhengxue Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Shenzhen office
4F, Huafuyang Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
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