Entrepreneurs and startups
SMS service is inevitable for many business beginners. But there are many weaknesses for traditional SMS service providers.
- Weakness
Relatively high
minimum charging amount
Traditional SMS service providers require relatively high minimum charging amount, around 10,000 yuan, which is not a small expense for business beginners.
Relatively high price
Traditional SMS service providers charge small clients with high price, 0.07~0.08 yuan per message usually. And the price must be negotiated with salespersons. In the end, high commercial cost can't guarantee a good price.
High cost of access
At the beginning of startup, with shortage of R&D fund, an easy and handy API interface is very important.
Self-help operation
At the business takeoff stage, business items are replaced in a rapid pace. If the declaration for signature and each template must be submitted to salespersons, it will be very Inefficient.
Complex technology
During technology docking with service providers, slow response, no response and unprofessional response are common.
- Solution
With only 50 yuan for minimum charging
As an Internet SMS service, Yunpian can be used with 50 yuan charged, which is an extremely low threshold.
Low startup price
Yunpian SMS only charges 0.05 yuan per message, which can be used without contacting salespersons. When accumulated charging fee reaches 5,000 yuan, the price for single message will be decreased to 0.048 yuan. After business grows to a certain level where monthly sending amount exceeds 100,000 messages, you can contact the commercial manager for price negotiation.
Handy API interface
Yunpian provides easy API interfaces, sample codes in more than ten kinds of languages and SDK in four languages.
Impeccable Console
On Yunpian console, declaration for qualification, signature and template can be easily realized. Moreover, it provides SMS sending amount, arrival rate, time consumption, failure cause analysis and other statements for you to know the SMS sending status more easily.
Various development tools
Besides, Yunpian offers various development tools, such as 'failure-request record', 'Pushing-address test' and 'white list of mobile phone numbers for testing', helping developers access more quickly.
- Typical clients
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