SMS sales promotion and members care are the core marketing channel for e-commerce. Usually, e-commerce industry owns a large number of users, but sales promotion has highly demands for fast SMS sending.
- Weakness
Large concurrency of
sales promotion activities
E-Commerce activities usually have starting and ending time, while sales promotion SMS needs to be sent to hundreds of thousands or millions of clients in a very short time. This requires high sending volume per second on SMS carriers.
Blocked verification
code channels
The common thing is when accessing to most of the SMS service providers, one can only open one access and configure one SMS channel. However, marketing SMS delivered in large scales may block the verification code channel which requires highly on instancinety, resulting clients unable to receive the verification code.
Hyperlink without
a space in the end
Once a space is omitted in the end of a hyperlink in a marketing SMS, the link may be failed to be clicked or cause mistakes after being clicked, influencing badly on marketing effect.
- Solution
Strong concurrent sending capability
Yunpian has stably supported several Double-11 Days. Its maximum monthly sending volume exceeds 1 billion and maximum sending volume per second exceeds 20,000. Powerful system performance and sufficient channel reserves can solve the sending velocity bottleneck during peak time. You can conduct marketing activities in any way.
Support multi-channels
The unique sub account system of Yunpian can perfectly separate different businesses (verification code, system notification and marketing SMS) without affecting each other, and even each signature can be assigned with an exclusive channel.
Link inspection function
Since clients often forget to add a space at the end of a link, which leads to clicking failure, Yunpian has careful link inspection and warning function, helping you inspect abnormal condition and coming up a warning so that your experience will be more pleasant.
- Typical clients
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