Financial sector clients
Clients information security is extremely important for finance clients, therefore this sector needs reliable cloud communication service providers.
- Weakness
Unprofessional SMS
service providers
Unprofessional SMS service providers may not acquire telecom value-added business permit and fail to access to direct-link channel. This may compromise information security in the middle links.
Unsafe Transmission
If the data transmission via websites and interfaces is not encrypted, client data would be nothing else than running nakedly on the Internet. (The addresses of Encrypted websites start with https and a green lock will be seen in the address bar in a relatively new version browser.)
Weak technique skills
of service providers
From underlying server to business database to SMS system, SMS providers with weak technique skills will be exposed to information security issues.
Unsafe client console
Multi-logging in to the console of SMS provider will expose clients' mobile phone numbers, message contents, which will compromise clients information security.
- Solution
Professional industrial
As a professional Cloud communication provider, Yunpian has acquired the Value-added Telecommunication Business License of the People's Republic of China (SP license and ICP license) issued by MIIT.
Encrypted data transmission
All data of Yunpian website and APIs are encrypted with GeoTrust SSL (256 bit) license, ensuring safe and reliable data transmission.
Professional technology team
Yunpian technology team mainly comes from BAT, rich in R&D experience and safety awareness; special operation and maintenance team will control the data authorization; complete internal review and control mechanism guarantees information security of clients.
Sensitive information protection
Once the sensitive information protection is activated, SMS content and receiver's mobile phone number will not be seen in SMS record, which effectively protects information security.
- Typical clients
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