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Registering with mobile phone number is the most successful way in registration on mobile terminals. Users may not register successfully before receiving verification codes, thus good SMS service is very important to mobile terminal software.
- Weakness
High requirements
for instantaneity
Once the verification code is sent, users may not continue registration before receiving it, which poses strict requirements for the instantaneity of verification code.
High requirements
for arrival rate
The cost of getting a registered user varies from several tens or hundreds of yuan. It is a pity to lose users because of verification code failing to reach users.
High requirements
for instantaneity
Registration process is inevitable and it happens in any minute. Unstable verification code will gravely affect the usage and promotion of an APP.
- Solution
Low latency
Automatic routing of SMS. Verification code, notice and activity notification SMS will be automatically routing to prevent from SMS in bulk blocking channels for verification code.
Powerful system performance. SMS will be processed in milliseconds and delivered to carriers.
With the access to multi-line backbone network such as BGP machine room, Telecom, Netcom and so on, client server in any network machine room can rapidly deliver SMS and reduce the time consumption.
High delivery rate
Direct-link channels by carriers realizes the same delivery rate as carriers such as China Mobile sendings SMS to the users.
Stable system, small fluctuating network, high delivery rate.
Based on years of cooperation with carriers and understanding of their rules, some regulation-related problems of operators have been solved perfectly.
High stability
Powerful R&D, maintenance and operation, telecom-level stability and core module SLA higher than 99.99%.
Carrier direct-link channel. By directly linking to carriers' network, the instability caused by linking to third-party service providers is avoided.
By the multi-channel redundant configuration with a realtime auto-monitoring and switching mechanism (patented), all our clients have multiple options for SMS channels and switch among them automatically so as to avoid SMS sending failure caused to operators failure.
- Typical clients
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