Global companies
For global companies, especially those with technical teams abroad, it is always a problem difficult to solve as to how to establish connection with mainland clients and send SMS.
- Weakness
Unstable network
The biggest problem in connecting with China's SMS server is network. The network between China and the U.S. has large fluctuation, long delay and easy package loss. What's worse, verification code SMS is very sensitive to package loss. It is common that clients complain they fail to receive SMS.
Service capability
Language barrier, either in commerce or technical service, is always there when communicating with mainland SMS service providers. It is almost impossible to complete normal commercial and technical connection.
website operation
Even though the connection is completed successfully, the follow-up service can only be completed through sales. It is very time-consuming and inefficient to add a new signature or template.
- Solution
Global servers
Currently, Yunpian has deployed servers in the U.S. and solved long delay and easy package loss though special service link to guarantee stability in SMS service.
Service capability
Yunpian provides both commerce and technical support in English. It enables clients in English-speaking regions to use it efficiently.
English website
Yunpian provides English version for our website including user console.
- Typical clients
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