Monthly SMS Volume
Monthly SMS Volume 1 billion + In Peak
1 billion +
Clients Served 50 thousand +
50 thousand +
Arrival Rate
The arrival rate of SMS sent by
dedicated channels is over 99%
excluding abnormal phones
99% +
Why YunPian?
Arrival Rates As High As Those Of The Carriers
Hundreds of SMS channels are connected directly with carriers creating high arrival rates.
SMS shunting and transmiting system can avoid failures due to local SMS volume limit against outer-province carriers
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Large SMS Traffic Capacity Steady like A Rock
With years of RD devoted in the SMS monitoring system, the stability and punctuality of SMS messages are closely monitored. System malfunctions will be fixed seamlessly.
The system survived several November 11th shopping rushes with daily volume mounting to several hundred millions.
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Messages Arrive in 5 Seconds
Automatic SMS distributions are available for verification codes, system notifications and event notifications.
Valiant system performance supports millisecond-level SMS processing. Hundreds of optimizations are done respectively toward big, medium and small clients.
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Competitive Price
Online registrations are immediately effective if your monthly plan is smaller than 0.1 million messages. The minimum prepayment is RMB 50. Service is conveniently available.
Please contact the customer representative for a customized price if your monthly plan is larger than 0.1 million messages.
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More premium service experience
Easy Connections
SDK downloads are available in 4 languages. Detailed connection files.
All services are API.
Any system operations can be done through YunPian's open-source API interface.
Open and transparent.
Status reports, delivery failure causes, arrival rates and SMS time consumption statements are available.
Available for overseas.
Website is available in English. Servers are arranged in the United States and designated stable connections are set up.
Starting to connect to YunPian
First, please sign up for a YunPian account.
Free Registration
Take 1 minute to verify your developer information.
Developer verification.
View the API file and get ready for connections.
View the developer file.
Now you may use the YunPian services easily!Have any questions?
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