For growth purpose

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention

Increase registration conversion rate

Verify user identity through the phone number, behavior verification, one-click login, etc. when registering

Protect your service from bots.

Activate user in the right time.

• Interact user at the accurately time or events

• Accomplish an automation task within 3 min, even without any coding skills

Increase customer value and extend customer life cycle

• Improve user experience and stickiness via SMS and WeChat channels

• Accurately screening users and maximize LTV with A/B test

• Create marketing strategies to extend customer lifecycle

Why Yuanpian


  • Ministry of Public Security certification Level 3
  • Bank-level data encryption technology
  • HTTPS encryption via 256-bit key certificate
  • Access control, isolate user data

High Stability

  • SMS auto router via self-research monitoring system
  • Seamless channel switching when fault occurs
  • Distributed deployment
  • Industry-leading technical support

Expert service

  • 7 x 24 service
  • Extremely fast response within 4s
  • Sign up with 60 seconds
  • 1 vs 1 VIP Customer service

Easy to access

  • All servies are based on APIs.
  • Service access without difficulty
  • 5 programming language provided
  • Easy to deploy, Easy to use

Deliver quickly

  • More than 99.9% arrival rate, within 5 seconds
  • SMS arrives within 2 seconds
  • High concurrency, more than 100k SMS per seconds
  • Support 3 net types, hundreds of direct channels

Data tracking

  • SMS status is realistic
  • Tracking effect via short link
  • SMS records can be searched in real time
  • Visual reports at a glance

Concise and clear API

  • API
  • Security
  • Service

Concise, but powerful

  • • Well-designed, out of the box
  • • Multiple language SDK supported
  • • Global deployment, high performance
  • • SLA 99.9995%, real devices and rela time monitoring
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Bank-level data encryption technology

CMMI3, Trusted Cloud, ministry of Public Security Level 3 and other insurance certification

  • • CAPTCHA service, limited requests frequency
  • • Privacy data desensitization, history record ecrypted
  • • Remind abnormal login
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1 VS 1 expert service

  • • 7 x 24 customer Support
  • • Expert support
  • • Contact us to get the most accurate answer and technical support
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Yunpian providing stable SMS service for multinational corporations

Yunpian has become SMS provider of Uber in China. Yunpian stands out from the rest SMS providers based on its rich industry experience and strong technical skills in this domain to become SMS provider of Uber in China.


Yunpian providing secure SMS solutions for internet financing companies

Yunpian provides stable and safe SMS solutions for Wacai. Wacai, as an internet financing platform, requires SMS providers to provide stable and fast service. Besides, information security is also its core requirement. Yunpian provides safety protection for Wacai at all levels and is a safe and reliable partner.


Yunpian providing CAPTCHA solutions for preventing malicious registration

Malicious registration and bots will bring business losses. Yunpian provides verification based on biological behavior characteristics to prevent these attacks. In the registration process of McDonald's dessert station, YunPian CAPTCHA is used to prevent garbage registration and prevent business losses effectively caused by malicious programs from the source.


Yunpian providing high availability and high concurrency SMS service

Luolai continues to sell TOP 5 in Shuang11 Home Industry. Yunpian's high availability and high concurrent system guarantees the speed of submitting and sending SMS in the case of massive concurrency in a short time. In 618, Shuang11 and other promotional nodes, users can receive SMS in time, so that marketing activities can achieve the desired ROI.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

Rich media message, a new generation of SMS marketing

Players in the game industry are critical to the stickiness of the game. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice recall users through Yunpian's Rich media message. With the festival activities such as Tanabata Festival and Valentine's Day, we can impress customers with words, pictures and videos in an all-round way, bring different experiences to players, and effectively improve customer stickiness and veteran recall rate.


Yunpian SMS service is a unicorn enterprise growth accelerator

Liulishuo provides professional English learning solutions for individuals and enterprises. In the process of exponential growth of users, Yunpian provides industry-leading, verification code, schedule reminders SMS solutions. It is a good way to reactive customers via Yunpian SMS.

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