With our easy-to-use APIs, you can send SMS faster. Sign up for an account and replace the corresponding variables.

Yunpian API is served over HTTPS/HTTP.


To ensure the secure for your account and information, please add your IP address to the IP white list.

Below is an example for sending SMS

Step1: Registration and record-keeping

  1. Sign up for an account and login Yunpian manager console.
  1. Report your qualification, SMS signature and SMS template. Please contact with customer service team if need help.

Step2: Send SMS via specific API


Requested Address

Sending Single SMS

Sending Batch SMS

Step3: Develop as the requirement

  • Monitoring SMS status report
    For real-time monitoring status records, we suggest to pull the status report via API "Pull Status Records".
    If you want to know the status of the SMS and do not have the real-time monitoring requirement, you can use "export data".
  • SMS platform
    If you want to develop the SMS platform, we suggest to use the API "Add Signature", "Add Template", "Account".
  • Pull reply records
    If you want to get the 2-way message which is send by user, we suggest to use "Pull Reply Records" or "Push Reply Records".
  • Overseas server
    We have server in US. It is

Return Code Description

Http response, please refer to Return Code Description


Please refer to FAQ